Friday, July 22, 2016

Mainstream Media Prepares for War

Get ready for the blood bath the mainstream media is going to unleash on Donald Trump, actually it has already started, compare the headlines in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal this morning, July 22, 2016.  The Post:  "Trump portrays a nation in peril"; the Journal:  "Trump Makes His Case"; the Post editorializes on its front page and the Journal reports.  All semblance of objective journalism is gone from the leftist mainstream media and it will continue throughout this election.  Instead of providing information and facts the media will vilify, mock, and attempt to discredit Donald Trump at every opportunity while ignoring Clinton's record and lauding all the false promises she makes.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Media Bias on Display in the Washington Post (Democrat)

In its continuing effort to bolster the prospects of Democrats in the Fall elections the Washington Post ran this headline today:  "Job Market, at long last, shows signs of resilience", WOW that is really good news, but wait a minute, the Wall Street Journal reports that US companies slowed their hiring drastically in May to 38,000 and unemployment fell as people dropped out of the labor market.  Who to believe?