Thursday, September 8, 2016

The most transparent presidency

Remember when President Obama said his would be the most transparent presidency ever, you don't, well that is understandable because his has been the most obfuscating, duplicitous and dishonest presidency ever.  Not even Richard Nixon was a secretive as Obama.  If we only knew what has been going on behind closed doors in the White House these past seven years the public would, in my opinion, be astounded, maybe we will some day.  But as dishonest as the Obama administration has been, can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine what a second Clinton administration will be like.

Misusing the FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act, a so called Watergate statute, was passed so that the public could find out what their government is doing, it has nine exemptions so that what the government considers sensitive or potentially embarrassing information can be redacted from documents provided under the FOIA.  The use of the nine exemptions has become an art form at Executive Branch agencies, Congress and the Judiciary are not covered by FOIA, what has also evolved is the art of avoiding the FOIA request by creating non-government records, for instance the use of non-government computers to conduct government business.  Here is what a typical release under the FOIA looks like:

Cheaters always win!

Note to the NY Times which slamed Donald Trump's "motor mouth style" but completely missed the fact that Hilary was wearing an induction ear piece during last night's so called "town hall" with Matt Lauer - try just reporting what happened - just try it once please.  For those who do not know an induction ear piece is typically worn by actors so they can be prompted during live performances if they forget a line, I will leave it to the reader to decide why Hilary was wearing one during a live interview, oh by the way, the NYPD which handled security for last night's event confirmed that she was wearing the IEP.  Next up - will she be allowed to wear an IEP during the upcoming live Presidential debates?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is investigative journalism dead?

Everyday the public is treated to some new revelation in the news media, most of these reports are about the release by government agencies of previously unknown electronic communications or court ordered release of documents obtained in a Freedom of Information legal case, but where is the in depth coverage of the stories behind the leaks and legal actions.   It seems that so called journalists are nothing more than internet surfers and Googlers who don't want to do the legwork required to get behind the headlines and report about what is going on in the organizations that are conducting the business involved in the real stories.  Day to day investigative journalism is dead, reporters are now gathering information for the latest book exposing this or that public figure or some great crisis of monumental importance that will be forgotten by the next news cycle.  The reporters who are exposing this or that infidelity or character flaw have a political agenda, to trash the candidate that the corporation they work for is opposing.  Remember, the news media is owned and operated by giant conglomerates that are owned by stockholders who want the bottom line - profits.  The news media are not public service organizations.  The candidates who will be of most use to the media corporations will be the ones treated most favorably.  Any candidate who opposes the status quo weather on the right or the left will be attacked by the media.  You want evidence, just look at the coverage of the 2016 Presidential election.

Friday, August 26, 2016

More on media bias

The massive corruption surrounding the Clinton Foundation is going largely unreported by the MSN, they have not assigned legions of investigative reporters to cover the daily revelations of pay for play deals made by the Clintons,  and they buy into every lame statement made by the candidate attempting to make light of her transgressions.  The MSN reveled in the conviction of Republican Governor Bob McDonald for accepting gifts from people dealing with his state, gifts that pale in comparison to the millions of dollars received by the Clinton Foundation in return for access, accommodation, and acquisition of fungible materials.  The level of corruption surrounding the Clintons is to say the least astounding, but it does not matter to the MSN she's a Democrat.