Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Election

Pretty much everyone in the country was shocked by the 2016 election results, much of the shock came from the media who once again were prepared for the coronation of Hilary Clinton.  Media bias in favor of Democrats has been laid bare by Wiki Leaks and others as a "cancer" on the body politic in America.  What has also been revealed for all to see is the intolerance and vitriolic hatred by the left of anyone who disagrees with their orthodoxy.  Thankfully, responsible people such as President Obama and Hilary Clinton have come forward to defend democracy and the American political process which is the corner stone of our country.  Liberal Democrats are sore losers plain and simple, they are like petulant children when they don't get their way, and are unable to see how fortunate they are, as Hilary Clinton said, to be Americans.  Elections like the one we just experienced do not take place in China nor is dissent tolerated there, so instead of railing against your fellow citizens who don't agree with you, vow to defend to the death the right of all Americans to elect whomever they want to lead our country, and if you don't like the choice, suck it up, and prepare for the next election which will be here before you know it, if you act like reasonable people, maybe you can persuade others to join you in electing your choice.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The most transparent presidency

Remember when President Obama said his would be the most transparent presidency ever, you don't, well that is understandable because his has been the most obfuscating, duplicitous and dishonest presidency ever.  Not even Richard Nixon was a secretive as Obama.  If we only knew what has been going on behind closed doors in the White House these past seven years the public would, in my opinion, be astounded, maybe we will some day.  But as dishonest as the Obama administration has been, can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine what a second Clinton administration will be like.

Misusing the FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act, a so called Watergate statute, was passed so that the public could find out what their government is doing, it has nine exemptions so that what the government considers sensitive or potentially embarrassing information can be redacted from documents provided under the FOIA.  The use of the nine exemptions has become an art form at Executive Branch agencies, Congress and the Judiciary are not covered by FOIA, what has also evolved is the art of avoiding the FOIA request by creating non-government records, for instance the use of non-government computers to conduct government business.  Here is what a typical release under the FOIA looks like: