Thursday, November 9, 2017

Scott Pelley is a moron

When interviewing Mike Cernovich on 60 Minutes Scott Pelley asked about the claim that Hilary Clinton had parkinson's and stated "it isn't true" and claimed that she only had pneumonia.  Cernovich asked Pelley how he knew she had pneumonia to which Pelley reponded "Well the campaign told us that".  Of course, CBS believed anything the Clinton campaign told them.

Murder on the Orient Express - DUD!

Why does hollywood insist on remaking every decent move ever made?  Is it because they lack the talent to make anything original?

Lewis C.K.? Who is next?

The hits just keep coming ( no pun intended), and there is no telling how far these accusations will go, but remember they are accusations, no one has been convicted of anything, but apparently the norm in America today is that anyone accused of anything in the media is guilty.  No body has to prove anything, just call up the New York Times and make your claim by the next day someone will be out of a job.  I am not saying that the allegations being published almost daily are not true, but people are innocent until proven guilty in America, at least they used to be.